How To Jump From Plane 11,000ft Above Earth With Your Skydiving Camera

Skydiving is in itself a breathtaking and risky experience. But, what happens when this beauty is augmented by the attachment of a diver to another diver to give the impression of two huge birds flying one over the other?

Awesome, isn’t it? That’s tandem diving. If you’re going to do one, you’ll need a good tandem skydiving camera to capture those breathtaking moments.

Tandem diving is the technique used when you wish for a single skydiving experience. The diver is harnessed to an instructor and together they carry out the diving from exiting the plane, to descending in freefall, to using a single parachute to touch the ground. The whole experience should be shot with a digital video camera and you should take several photographs to keep those memories forever.

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Using Your Tandem Skydiving Video Camera

Accelerated Freefall

Naturally, since one of the divers is an amateur, the person would not have the skill to both dive and handle the video camera equipment. Hence, most tandem diving expeditions would have a photographer.

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But it’s quite unlikely that your photographer would be able to capture the moments like you would since he might not be diving together with you, the best idea would be for you to capture the moment yourself as you fly and float around in the sky.

On the other hand, there are professional skydivers with advanced skydiving equipment and camera that give special services; one of them is the, and you can hire them for your services.

You’d need your camera to do two things: Take videos or photographs on of ground activities prior to the flying like gearing up, boarding of the plane and the landing and record video footage while in the air.

While most modern digital cameras can both take high quality pictures and record videos, it is however very unlikely that you would be using the same camera for your tandem skydiving experience.

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Challenges With Skydiving Video Recording


The tandem diving photographer should be really skilled in his art to capture the excitement and thrill of the moment. Too much focus on the filming can also be dangerous as you tend to forget the fast approaching ground beneath you!

You do the filming with a part of your mind dedicated to the altitude so that you remember to open the parachute at the correct moment.

So do your work, but with awareness of what is happening around you. This would enable you to carry out your work without the risk of colliding with one of your team mates or crashing into the ground because you pulled the cord of the chute too late.

Getting too engrossed in your task at the risk of forgetting your surroundings would be like bolting the door after the sheep have escaped. Your duty is to take excellent shots, but you should be alive to tell the tale too, right?

Best Tandem Skydiving Cameras

Most of the diver photographers preserve motion camera for their shots. Go for only the best as the conditions keep on changing through the fall. The best cameras would automatically adjust to the shifting light patterns of the atmosphere.

The tandem skydiving video cameras as well as still cameras should be able to take independent decisions about the fluctuating light and the amount of exposure required.

Powerful Camcorders & Cameras For Skydiving

These tandem skydiving cameras and camcorders listed below have been reviewed and recommended by professional skydivers to get the job done nicely. Go ahead, check them out, read reviews and make your decisions. However, I’m sure this list would help you.

  1. GoPro Wifi with BackPack
  2. Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless Camera
  3. Sony Action Camera for Skydiving (HDR-AS10, sony HDR-AS15)
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Opting for digital cameras that are lightweight would be a good idea since you may want to attach the cameras to your helmet, too much weight on your head can cause problems mid-flight if you are not a professional skydiver.

Tandem Skydiving Cameras Too MuchHence smaller cameras would help you to focus on the task without worrying about the overload on your head.

The choice of helmet also is very crucial. Go for one that would fit well and has room enough to accommodate the cables and other attachments of the photographic equipment.

Most of the sky diver’s helmet comes with special rooms to hold the cables at a corner. Also ensure that your helmet and camera are free of sharp edges to avoid the possibility of providing a snag point for the cables deployed.

Don’t forget to switch the camera on. Even the best of us could make this error out of nervousness.

Taking beautiful footage is possible for the professional diver who is also a photographer.Well, who would have thought that tandem diving and photographing the action would involve so many tasks? But, who cares?

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Tandem diving is usually done by amateurs. It would be a onetime experience for most of us. So, wouldn’t you want to make the best out of it? After all, reliving the moment for ever is often as good as the experience itself.


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