Top 10 Security Apps for Mobile Phones

With the amount of information that users send and receive over smart phones, it’s no surprise that much of that smart phone use can be dangerous. Between making purchases online, downloading apps and other media, and even simply logging on to an unprotected wi-fi network, you can easily get your identity stolen, download a virus, or have your phone or personal information jeopardized in another way.

Luckily for smart phone users, however, there are a number of great security apps for iphone and android that can help you secure your smart phone and personal, sensitive information. Below is a list of the top ten security apps.

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Lookout Mobile Security

lookout-mobile-security-app-badgeLookout mobile security is a great, free app that packs a lot of punch for the download. With this app, you antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware protection that protects you from malicious apps and other downloads or content that can be harmful.

The app also carries file and system back up for your content and files. Finally, you get the added bonus of a Find My Phone system that can find your phone on a map, send a warning alarm, and remotely wipe your personal, sensitive content if your phone is stolen.

NetQin Anti-Virus

NetQin Anti Virus v4.6.2-prohp.netNetQin is another free anti-virus program for the Android that has anti-spyware and anti-malware protection as part of the package. The apps feels a little more basic than Lookout Mobile Security, but it does carry a loss prevention feature and file backup to boot.


msecure mSecure is a great place to store, organize, and protect your sensitive information. With this app, you have the option of storing passwords for sites, social security numbers, credit card numbers, frequent flyer miles numbers, bank account info, lock combinations, and any similar other information you need to store. Although you have to pay for the app, if you can use it, the price is more than worth the price.

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1password Just as this app would lead you to believe, this helps you to protect and keep track of all of your passwords for all of your most important sites. Although the price feels a little steep ($17.99), it feels worth it to have all of your passwords protected under one master password.

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Kaspersky Safe Browser

This newer, free app helps to prevent access to malicious or phishing websites. You can also fine tune access to inappropriate or unsolicited content based on what you do and do not want to see on your phone.


wickr-leave-no-trace Just like you might see in Inspector Gadget, with a unique mechanism, this free app lets you “self destruct” messages you have sent to other users so the content is protected. You can also “shred” sensitive material from your own device. It calls itself: Wickr – Leave No Trace – more like Snapchat I’d say.

Gallery Lock

gallery-lock Gallery Lock is an excellent, free app for the Android that lets you do as the app name projects: protect your photos and videos. Using a 4-digit pin, users can get access to dozens of folders full of photos and videos that don’t show up anywhere else on the phone. You also have the option for cloud storage to be extra safe. Pic Lock is a great app for the iPhone that does similar tasks.


Avira-logo If you’ve ever used Avira anti-virus for your laptop or desktop, you know what to expect from the name. For free, you can get the same great protection on your phone along with excellent information on storage and battery optimization and great file backup.

HotSpot Shield VPN

hotspot-shield With this app, you can securely surf any wi-fi you encounter and even unblock any website, regardless of that country or area’s restrictions on Internet use. This comes in handy for the world traveler.

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cellcrypt If you have phone calls that you need to protect, you can download Cellcrypt to keep those phone calls private and secure. This is great for businesses and private users who simply have sensitive information they don’t want anyone else intercepting.


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