Top Ways to Make Your Home Safer

For most of us, the place that we find to be the most comforting, and the place where we feel safest, is our own home. But for some of us, we might not feel as safe as we should within our four walls, and you can’t put a price on peace of mind, so it helps to make sure you’ve done everything you can to make your home as safe as it can be.Here are some tips for ensuring you’ve protected your home in the best way possible.

Alarm Systems

When we consider making our homes safer, alarm systems are always at the forefront of our mind – and with good reason. Modern alarms are extremely clever, and act as an early warning sign if someone enters your property when it is vulnerable. Advanced systems can even automatically warn remote teams the instant your alarm is triggered, which helps to ensure a response team is sent to your home if required as quickly as possible. The main drawback of alarm systems is complacency – don’t assume that because your alarm is visible on the outside of your property, you don’t need to set it. If you’ve invested in an alarm, make sure you continue to use it.

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As part of a more advanced alarm system, you could have home surveillance installed. Not only does this mean you’ve got video evidence if someone does try to enter your property against your will, but the sight of cameras attached to your home will act as another deterrent. There are few better methods for improving the safety of your home than installing CCTV.

Improved Locks


You can make your home safer by ensuring you’ve a modern lock on every outside door into your home, as older locks are much easier to damage and break through. Locks are cheap and simple to replace, but if you’re struggling then any decent locksmith will be able to offer a quick and reliable service. Also, check the locks on any external elements to your home, such as your garage or shed – sheds in particular are easy targets, so keep the door maintained and ensure you use a strong padlock or lock.

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One sure-fire way of making you feel less worried about your most precious items, particularly if you own high-value objects such as jewellery, is to install your own personal safe. It needn’t be a huge vault or anything quite so dramatic as something hidden behind a family portrait, but a simple keycode safe that sits in your bedroom is the ideal place to store those items that you simply couldn’t bear to lose, either due to financial or personal value.

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Security Gates


You can add gates to your property to act both as a physical and a visual deterrent, as any obstacle placed in the way of a potential burglar is likely to reduce their motivation to try and rob you. Even something as simple as a gated fence or wall, even if it is only a few feet tall, can generate noise which would put off potential invaders. Of course the bigger the gate the better, so if you’ve a driveway and wish to secure it then adding larger, taller gates can make your home significantly safer.

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One important thing to consider is that, for most people, the front of your home is safer than the rear – it’s often more open to others seeing it, and it is where we tend to focus the visual deterrents. As such, consider adding gates to your home to prevent access to your back garden, as this will again add another level of security.

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