Would You Use Vector Security Systems For These Reasons?

Vector Security provides commercial and residential electronic security services in North America.

The company offers electronic security, automatic fire alarm, electronic video surveillance, access control, robbery/assault notification and alarm monitoring services to multi-site retailers. Vector home security is powered by alarm.com

Vector Security is one of the most dynamic, fastest growing providers of comprehensive residential burglar alarm systems for home and commercial premises. They offer protection from burglary and break-ins with the help of their state of the art security systems.

Vector home security ensures comprehensive coverage of your home, yards, and environments around your house making their service quite robust and appealing.

The company also attempt to provide inclusive package that incorporates video surveillance and in-house entertainment features which potentially transforms your home monitoring systems into an amazing home theater entertainment system.

You can look inside your home or outside (depending on your cameras) through live video or recorded clips. Yes, cameras are on add-on too. Vector will also create a Home Theater Speaker System for your enjoyment.

Vector Home Security Wireless Alarm Monitoring Packages

Vector security system usually comes with two or three door contacts, a siren, one keypad, a back-up battery and a control panel. That’s it. Everything else is an add-on.

You can upgrade your system by adding window sensors, smoke detectors. You can also see your home in live real time video through a wireless IP security camera with an address on the Internet.

The battery back-up does need to be replaced about every three years. You can always do it yourself. It’s not that hard. If you call the company and they have to send a technician to your home, you would have to pay a service fee for that. It is definitely not free.

Another complaint is that if you do not do automatic payments for your monthly fees, there is a $15 extra charge annually to pay by check.

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Remember to always read your contract especially the fine print. Sales people are always impatient to get to the next sale. Take your time and read everything thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Benefits of Vector Home Security Alarm Systems Services

Advances in technology have helped assist with the growth of home alarm security systems. Vector security is no exception.

The home alarm security company offers MyVectorSecurity and MyVectorVideo in-home services which offer text messages and video clips to be sent via cellphone to keep you always updated.

Vector residential security systems also include two-way conversation with their security operators if any incident were to occur. Your home is connected to a security hub that has the technology to properly monitor you home, and keep you informed.

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Complaints of Vector Home Security Alarm Systems

According to numerous complaints from customers, Vector Security uses “automatic renewal” clauses in their customer contracts. On one hand this is a great feature because your service will go uninterrupted between contracts.

But, more importantly, these contracts may automatically renew without your knowledge. Therefore, if you tried to cancel services, but the contract has been renewed without your knowledge, you will be obligated to pay for the whole contract period.

Another big customer complaint is that the home security alarm service provider push for a renewal and tends to charge high prices for easy fixes, such as battery changes and installation.

So, despite the fact that the service is top of the line and very innovative, the customer service side of Vector Security systems is subpar.

We encourage you to provide a review of your alarm systems, or specify what you would like in your home alarm system.



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