Special Moments Caught on Video Baby Monitor

We have written some interesting reviews on video baby monitor features and even recounted the experience of a working class mum who felt responsible for the abuse of her little baby girl. You can find these articles on child monitor camera all on the same page.

What we are yet to fully capture are YOUR stories, your eXperiences of how your baby’s camera helped you capture some really exciting moments.

From babies’ first poop, first cry, first smile, first laughter, babies first crawl to that magical moment when you first saw your baby took those… one, two, three, four, five… steps, parent always wish they could capture the moment all on video camera.

One of the most exciting ways to do this is using a wireless colored video baby monitor mounted around those areas your baby sleeps or play.

Or on the flip side, if you have ever hired a babysitter and you want to share your story with us, there is a page we have created for that – share your experience of your babysitter here.

  1. So as parents, have you ever used your child monitoring systems to capture some really exciting videos of your baby or simply to keep and eye on your children?
  2. Which video baby monitor did you use? How would you rate the baby monitoring device based on image and sound qualities?
  3. Do you remember any other specific good or bad features about these baby monitors? Can you remember any specific instance that the baby monitor camera really helped you avoid danger on your child?

So I’m curious to know….

Your Babies’ Most Magical Moment Caught on Video Monitor

It is really easy…

Think about those hilarious moment, spur of the moment video and pictures of your child doing something really unexpected. Your child walking or climbing out of her crib for the first time…

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How Others People Use Video Baby Monitor…

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We will most definitely have to keep these baby monitor video recordings so some day when our daughter becomes a famous dancer we have the proof to show …

Baby’s First Word Sparks Excitements

Hearing my first son, James, spout out his first word was unlike anything I had ever felt before,… an incredible feeling we won’t forget. My wife and …

First Time Parents Unwitting Baby Video Failure
Every first time parent makes several mistakes during their early days of parenting. From stacking up un-needed books to gather dust. Then they ignorantly….

Baby Settles Scores From Sleep
That night, Kari was yet again having a difficult time falling asleep… Then, all of a sudden, after making no sound for a long time, Kari lifted up …

My baby and his Amazing friend
We had had the baby video monitor for about two weeks and we found it fantastic. There was almost endless fun to be had listening to Dora’s little songs….

Baby Monitor Camera Records Paranormal Activities
Baby Monitor Camera – I thought I was having a paranormal style episode when a figure popped up near my bed, green glaring eyes and all! Luckily after …

Motorola Video Monitor Captures Baby Breaking Out
I looked over to our video baby monitor, and in some crazy turn of events, our daughter had unlocked the gate to her crib and was climbing down.


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