Wireless Color Video Baby Monitors for Constant Eyes-on

Quiet sounds wireless video baby monitors are powerful baby surveillance and monitoring systems that zoom in on your child and give the parents constant “eyes-on” capabilities.

This function is different from DVR security camera system which enables comprehensive home video surveillance benefits.

Wireless baby monitors allow you to focus on other activities like cleaning, cooking or relaxing while you monitor your sleeping beauty with your child monitoring device in your hands.

Any parent would agree that providing a safe and secure environment is a vital part of parenthood and affordable low-noise color video baby monitors are essential especially in homes with infants.

Depending on your preference, if you prefer audio only wireless baby monitor, the transmitter (usually stay with the baby) is equipped with a wireless microphone while the receiver will have inbuilt speaker.

For video only baby monitors, the wireless video transmitter (stays with the baby) is packed with a wireless digital video camera while the receiver (stays with the nanny or mother) is affixed with a monitor.

For both audio-video baby monitor, the transmitter has both wireless microphone and wireless video camera while the receiver has speakers and monitor. Parents usually prefer audio with their wireless baby cam.

Interestingly, the baby wireless video camera transmitter may be configured to activate on sound detection or motion detection.

Meaning, the video baby monitors send signal to the parent when the baby cries, cooees or makes some body movement.

Also, transmitters of some wireless digital video monitors for baby can also be activated remotely from the receiver to allow the parent to see the child even when the child is fast asleep without sound or movement.

You see, no hassle, no fuss, no hole in your wallet, easy install!

If you are using hidden wireless security camera DVR recorder and baby video monitor as your child tracking devices, you have no more worries about babysitter abusing your child. Discreet child tracking is now so much fun.

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Great Features To Consider In Wireless Baby Monitors

It is important to review the essential functions built into the wireless digital baby video monitor you are considering. Here are the top few:

Basic Features of the Baby Safety Monitor

  1. Maximum distance range between the wireless baby video sender or transmitter and the video monitor receiver. Mostly range between 150feet – 500feet.
  2. Multiple camera expansion ability to add more digital video surveillance cameras for multiple monitoring. This is especially useful when you need to monitor children in same or multiple room.
  3. Power saving mode to automatically wake or sleep the wireless baby video camera when “no activity” is detected. You can also configure time frame for the video to turn off if no activity is detected.
  4. Great wireless baby monitor will also feature a 2-way communication which enables you to speak, cooee, sing and soothe your child through the built-in microphone of the wireless digital video monitor receiver unit.

Wireless Baby Video Monitors Designs & Features

Designs refer to the physical visual appeal, convenience of use and durability of the wireless baby video monitoring system. Note that:

  1. If your home is packed with various electronics operating at different frequency ranges, you need to confirm the frequency range of the wireless video baby monitor to avoid interference.
  2. The best way to prevent your wireless baby monitors from interfering with other wireless devices like (microwave oven) is to consider a 1.9GHz frequency range baby monitors. More about interference on wiki.
  3. You will also want to have a large enough LCD screen size. Most recent child video monitors vary between 1.8cm – 3.5cm.
  4. One easy to forget feature is the battery life of the device. Typical charge-life vary widely between 3hrs and 10hrs.
  5. Be sure to opt for best rechargeable battery baby monitors as this can drastically save cost. Some video wireless baby monitors come with docking stations or cradle which can be used to charge the monitoring system.
  6. Similarly, wireless baby cameras such as the Philips Avent baby monitor with out-of-range indicator (beep, light, signs, etc) can really be very helpful in letting you know if the receiver is ever out of range from the baby monitoring camera.
  7. … and … one more thing, it can be very helpful to ensure that your wireless digital video camera is mountable. You will want to pay attention to availability of belt clips, baby crib camera mount or wall mount features.
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Important!babysitter video monitor safety tips

Babysitter Video Monitor Camera Picture Quality Feature

  1. Good picture quality is a highly reasonable demand even from cheap wireless digital video baby monitors. It is important that the baby monitor receiver has simple brightness control to fine tune the received video especially at night.
  2. To be able to record at night or in the dark when light is out in the baby’s nursery, confirm that the baby video camera has infrared night vision capability.Although it will transmit in black and white but you will be able to clearly see your baby in low light and in darkness.
  3. One great picture quality feature of a good wireless video baby monitor (such as summer baby monitor) is a remote pan-tilt-zoom ability, and 360 degree rotation which allow you to have a quick view of what your baby is pulling at or where he has dropped his favorite toy… all from remote location (or another room).

Wireless Baby Audio-Video Monitor Sound Quality Features


Quality of sound produced by a digital baby monitor is one powerful feature you also need to review.

You don’t want to buy a wireless baby monitor that would make disturbing noise waking up your baby incessantly.

  1. Having a low noise, quiet sounds digital baby monitors will allow you to listen to your child’s breathing and detect any irregularity on time.
  2. A good child surveillance video monitoring system should also give you the ability to adjust the volume and the microphone sensitivity to reduce noise pick-up.
  3. It is important that your wireless baby video monitor dealer provides help, warranty, telephone or email support and technical support so that you have something to fall on in case something goes wrong with your device.

Finally, note that you should not rely absolutely on wireless digital baby video monitor as your sole child safety measure.

These devices are never a perfect substitute for physical presence which every baby needs for comfort.


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