Video Captures Beating of College Student in Atlantic City

It was early morning of June 15 when the Tropicana Casino kicked Connor Castellani out for being under age. He was surrounded by 5 Atlantic City police officers. The surveillance video shows how Castellani crosses the street yelling at the police. Suddenly, 4 officers came to his side, wrestling him to the ground and beating him with batons. While one of the officers, try to handcuff him, a fifth officer arrives and they all manage to drop him flat on his stomach.

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After 5 seconds a K-9 officer jams into the scene, launching his dog for the attack, giving Castellani more blows and bites on his neck and even all around his head. Atlantic City Police arrested Castellani by charging him with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and aggravated assault. Hospital pictures shows he needed 200 stitches to close his wounds with multiple dog bites on his neck and head.

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Connor Castellani’s parents are now suing the Atlantic City police and they wanted charges for their son dropped. The Chief of the Department, Chief Ernest Jubillee, says it’s too early to judgment. The Atlantic City Mayor even called the video disturbing as it portrays abuse and brutality. The case is still on trial and the Castellanis are hopeful to get fair judgment .

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