We Need Video Security Cameras In Nursing Homes… We Need Them Now!

It’s totally appalling and bizarre to see that people who are employed to take care of our elderly seniors and great veterans have taken it on themselves to hurt and inflict them with pains instead of taking care of them.

I recently heard of an elderly woman who simply broke into tears while trying to express her dissatisfaction about living in a nursing home. She’s been enduring several abuses for several months.

Families of residents do not even have an inkling of what goes on in many nursing facilities, some residents them are beaten, denied meals, verbally abused and looked down on. These physically weak residents old enough to be grandparents are too weak and sick to respond or protect themselves from these abuses. So they just endure and live with it.

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Some of them can’t even walk properly so they cannot do things by themselves. Some cannot talk properly so they cannot report the improper conducts of those staff. I dare say that if some families know the traumatic experiences victims endure behind the four walls of nursing homes, they’d think twice….

I must say it’s crazy to see how health workers beat up a helpless old man for no clear reason. It’s terribly appalling and something drastic has to be done.

Homeowners and business owners have enjoyed video security cameras to limit criminal activities, nursing homes and elderly support centers are yet to embrace these safety equipment. They often use surveillance cameras as a measure of security.

Now, one advocacy group says they should be used in our state’s nursing homes as well. According to APerfectCause.Org advocacy group, there are so many physical abuses on residents living in nursing homes and nursing home security camera is one good tool to combat such abuses.

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect


Senate Bill 587 Bill: Protect Our Loved Ones (POLO) Act

To Use Video Security Cameras In Nursing Homes

SB587 would require nursing homes to provide surveillance cameras in the residents’ rooms if families want it. Bledsoe said, “It would provide video monitoring, video only, in the common areas as well as the residents’ rooms.

It would also provide audio monitoring, which is recommended by the silver-haired legislature, audio monitoring in the bathrooms and bathing areas.”

There was a story of a family who put a hidden camera in the nursing home room after suspecting things were being stolen. Instead, they discovered abuse.

Bledsoe said, “Because of what they did, helped intervene and stop these women from abusing these residents and so no telling how many more residents they saved from being abused by simply having that camera there.”


He says he is concerned about how this legislation could affect the nursing homes. Crain said, “If we make them put in these video cameras, how expensive is that going to be and is that going to cause them to have to close their doors because they can’t afford to do this?”

But Bledsoe says the cost would be minimal and would definitely be worth it. He said, “The preventable deaths that we have, the easily ridiculous preventable deaths we have in these facilities, those can go away.”

Crain says he is waiting on more information from our state’s nursing homes before deciding whether his committee will hear the bill.


There are several more you can do with video surveillance cameras. You can monitor a second home from anywhere, you can remotely observe unsupervised Repairmen, watch over elderly relatives at home, check on your babysitters and housekeepers, you can even monitor and observe your children in their nursery or keep an eye on your pets.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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