Why I Switched From Absolute Security To Vivint Alarms Systems

I knew a co-worker who was the owner of an alarm company, Absolute Security. When we built our house, I went through him to have an alarm installed in our house because he gave us one heck of a discount.

The features were basically just window/door sensors and an 8hr back-up battery if the power went out. We stayed with this alarm company for 6 years and never had an incident; we set the alarm off a couple of times by forgetting to turn it off and opening up a window or something.

One evening this past fall, I was out washing my car and noticed out of the corner of my eye that a man was walking up my driveway. It startled me and I ended up jumping down his throat a bit stating “You don’t sneak up behind someone like that, that’s a good way to get yourself hurt!” Turns out, this guy was a representative for VIVINT Alarms.

I entertained his sales pitch for a bit, but really was interested until he told me one key point. Most alarm monitoring systems, even my current one, work by sending signals through the phone lines. If someone were to cut my phone line at the unguarded, unprotected junction box on the external part of my home, my family would be screwed. I started paying closer attention at this point because he was showing me the features of VIVINT alarm and one of the main ones was that it works by satellite signal.

After about 30 minutes, I finally said lets do it. I was expecting to have to set up an appointment time with someone in the next week or two, which I really wasn’t looking forward to doing. Lo and behold, within a half hour of signing the contract, the install team pulled up in my driveway and got to work.

They installed a state of the art keypad that tells me the weather and tons of other information, a new thermostat which is remotely controlled, threw in a free camera and installed some double sensors on a few windows so the alarm can be set with a window cracked open for fresh air, and a nice keypad door handle.

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I could not believe how much stuff we got, and it all cost me around $75. I can remember thinking to myself, this is too good to be true! They then showed me an application for my smartphone which allows me to turn on lights, set the temperature, unlock/lock the keypadded door, and the alarm all from my phone. It also shows me what windows or doors are opened or closed in my home and I can monitor my home when away through the video surveillance camera that they gave me.

I also love the fact that I can talk to the system monitoring office directly through my main wall keypad. This is especially nice because if someone were to break in, I don’t have to worry about grabbing the phone and making a call, I just press a button on the keypad and start talking.

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The only downside to all of this was the monthly price. I went from paying $66 every three months with my old alarm to $66 every month with VIVINT, but when it comes to keeping my family safe, it is a small price to pay.

Another positive is that I can back out of the contract if I were to get orders. All in all, I must say that I am extremely happy with VIVINT and the services provided thus far. The system is very user friendly. To this date, we have not had to fully test its functionality, hopefully we never have to, but I feel confident that if the day ever comes, it will work beyond my expectations.


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