Reviews On Vivint Security Alarms – Formerly APX Alarms

Vivint security formerly APX Alarm is an award-winning home automation and alarm monitoring company known for offering cost-effective products for residents.

The company has a variety of smart systems, many of which are perfect for those with a tight budget to shop on. Like Pinnacle Security, if you decide to buy a Vivint Security System, make sure you read the contract carefully, and know fully well what you well are signing.

In this article, we shall give some great tips that would help you avoid potential pitfalls.


APX Alarm: Now Vivint – Offering Home Automation & Security

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APX Alarm changed to Vivint Security – Seriously? But… what’s actually in a name? Well, we may have to ask APX Alarm or should we rather say Vivint Alarm security systems and home automation.

According to APX Alarm, the company changed its name to show the intention of APX alarm to bring home automation to the mainstream, along with home security services.

It seems APX Alarm will also be more than happy to change their name to avoid constant confusion with APEX alarm which is one of the largest sub-dealers of ADT national security system. Vivint has won several awards in the home security industry lately. In 2011, the home security monitoring and automation company received the Best Buy Award from Consumer Digest.

Vivint security prides itself in providing simple energy-efficient but affordable home security and automation solutions for all customers. There is 24 hour phone support well in place providing help when necessary and make sure that homeowners are comfortable and knowledgeable on how to use their smart security systems most effectively.

There are very few customer complaints about Vivint (APX Alarm) security solutions. Customers often give Vivint thumbs up saying that the response times as well as the price are fantastic.

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Products and services offer by Vivint security include video surveillance, fire & smoke detection, carbon monoxide alarm, medical pendant, two-way voice feature, cellular security system, remote internet and smart phone access.

The alarm monitoring company also provide automatic door locks, custom notifications & non-emergency alerts, severe weather alerts, smart thermostat, lighting & small appliance controls, and smart grid energy management.

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Vivint Advantage – Home Security + Extreme Home Automation

One clear-cut distinction between Vivint and traditional alarm security system is the way their system send information. Instead of using traditional phone lines that can be cut by any intruder, the Vivint home alarm monitoring systems use wireless cellular systems – the one your cell phones uses at a very cheap price.

That’s not all. Your Vivint home alarm monitoring and automation system will transform your home to a smart home!

Just like you can sit on your sofa, grab your TV remote and flip various channels on your television, you can control your Vivint wireless house alarm systems as well. Canceling & Switching Your Alarm Monitoring Service Plan.

Vivint Wireless House Alarm Systems Packages

Vivint Home Automation

The Vivint home automation package builds on basic home security features to give customers a higher level of safety and convenience, as well as the ability to control features remotely.

The package includes the following features, for $199 activation and a $69 monthly monitoring fee: 3 door and window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 key fob, 1 Smart Thermostat, 1 lamp and small appliance control, 12 energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs, 1 video camera, 1 automatic door lock, 1 yard sign.

The Vivint Advanced Security package includes the following critical safety features listed for $99 and a $49 monitoring fee: 1 Go! Alarm control panel, 3 door and window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 key fob, 1 yard sign.

On top of the cost-effective solution, the products provided by Vivint security are also very reliable. The home alarm monitoring company offers great warranties and their solution is fully refundable as well. That is a sure sign that the company is very confident in what they offer.

Another key benefit is that a variety of protection promises. From fire to even medical emergencies, Vivint security offers great protection, amazing performances, and long-lasting lifespan.

The smart home automation security products are well-recognized as easy to use and configure, great simplicity, excellent designs, easiest servicing and really low maintenance needs.

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Benefits Of Vivint / APX Alarm Security Systems

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Unlike GE Security and Honeywell Ademco which are alarm equipment manufacturers, VivintNow develops and installs their alarm security packages.

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Their standard package is inexpensive at $99 dollars, and includes very technologically up-to-date hardware. The VivintGo! Control Panel offers a variety of services such as wireless home security, but with a twist.

The control unit, besides protecting your home, is very energy-efficient, and will monitor your home to get the best energy savings possible. Examples include opening and shutting the drapes to regulate sunlight, and turning off the lights when not in use.

However, there are several complaints about contract resigning. It is very tough to get out of a contract, and some contracts are renewed automatically without the new consent of the owner, making it a pricey and confusing policy.

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Complaints Against Vivint / APX Alarm Security Systems

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Vivint, like Vector Security, seems to have a problem with their contracts (note the fine print), and they charge a service call fee.

Seriously? Service call fee?

Various complaints fly around on Vivint Security but many of these complaints often have a common theme: problems with amount promised and the amount charged.

Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a security provider you do not want. Click here to read some customers reviews of Vivint wireless home systems. We urge you to offer a review of your alarm systems, or specify what you would like in your home alarm system.

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