Gawd! I Can’t Believe I’m Watching My Home Gets Robbed

911: 911… ?

Caller: Hi My name is ………… I’m watching my home on live monitor and there’s a black male in my house and he’s robbing it!

911: Where are you calling from?

Caller: I’m calling from my office and I have a live video monitor in my …

911: You don’t know him?

Caller: No, I don’t! and he’s in my house, I’m seeing him walking around my house… he’s in my bedroom right now… please get somebody there quickly….

911: Mam, they’re gonna be on their way, we just need as much information as possible.

Caller: okay… God, I can’t believe this… (short pause, some rattling….)… okay… there’ goes my cat, she’s running..I’ve got three dogs in there… and the cat’s like freaking out, and I’ll also have this recorded on my hard drive on my er-mm computer.

911: OK mam, does he have any kind of tool that he probably used to break-in in his hands?

Caller: He just came in through my doggy door… okay… he’s coming out… he has a white shirt… walking back to my stereo.. looking at my son’s video game… he’s rummaging through the house … are they there yet?

911: there’ on their way mam, I just need as much information as possible. He’s now where…?

Caller: He’s in my living room in the main part of the house.. He’s looking around… he has a white shirt… He’s picked up a Wii video game..

911: He has your son’s Wii video game now?

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Caller: Oh God please hurry, he’s in my living room, my bedroom…

911: He’s in the living room…

Indistinct male voices: [In the living room now…],

Caller: He’s going through stuffs,

911: Okay mam, hold-on just a secs…

Caller: Oh God…

911: He’s still in the living room…. (indistinct male voices on the radio in the background)

Caller: He’s in my bedroom  he has something in his hands, does he even know I’m sitting here watching him… O God…. Oh God… (freaking out…) I can’t believe this…. this is unbelievable… (some rustlings sounds) Oh there are two people in the house, Oh and a big one… another one in the house!

911: He’s got another subject with him….

Caller: They’re looking out the back window… they’re looking…

911: Mam, are they still in the house…

Caller: Yeah, they’re still in the house…

911: Two subjects now, two subjects now… two subject….

Caller: He’s running to the front and the other one is trying to figure out which way to go… The cat freaked out, the dogs are hiding, Oh God, I can’t believe it ….

911: The second one with a white shirt and the big one with a big jacket on…

Caller: Yeah… My Gawd! (Crying…) This is crazy….

911: Mam, officers have surrounded your house, they’re not gonna get away with anything…

Caller: Okaaay, alright…alright… They’ve robbed me before that’s why I have the video security camera…

911: Okay, the officers have already apprehended two people and…

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Caller: Oh thank God they got there..

Video security camera is amazing – When you get the right one that can help you see what’s going on in your home or office in real time. If you’re thinking it’s all hype or not sure how it can be used effectively to secure a home, watch the video. The woman watched her home getting robbed installed the Logitech Motion Alert Video Security systems which unfortunately has been pulled off the shelves.

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It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.