Steal a Piece of Forever With Waterproof Camera for Surfing

Surfing is all about timing. Catching waves just about when they’re rising and riding them in splashing speed is a skill that requires perfect timing, but it lasts only for a few seconds, that why you need camera for surfing.

For many years the beautiful sights of this thrilling sport was reserved to surfers and a few spectators, many impressive rides have been melted away in imperfect memories and ever-changing eye-witness accounts.

But today, with the right waterproof action-camera, surfers can capture all those unbelievable sights that legends are made of by using good water surfing cameras.

Unlike other sports, water surfing is done of course on water and this unique platform requires its own skills and techniques to maneuver. It is a truly spectacular view, when surfers carry cameras with them, whether on their board, helmet or vest.

You get up close to the waves with cool angles and almost feel yourself moving with the surfer. The strong winds, gliding movement and vast colorful view make surfing videos unique, and every surfer or fan alike can benefit greatly from sharing this unique view.

You need to capture such moments with great water surfing camera. Watch Matt Jensen surfing and filming at El Porto giving you a feel of what it’s like out in the water with Big waves.

Finding the Best Waterproof Camera for Surfing

Wherever you decide to fit the camera on your gear, it should be placed at a proper angle to get a clear image of you, your board and the water as you navigate. You need to look for good water-resistant video cameras that can even be used underwater.

The ideal camera for surfing should of course be water proof and shock proof so it is able to record without freezing. The best cameras for surfing like HD Hero 3 Surf Edition are ideally built with a 1700 view, a 1080px video and 11 megapixel photographs; it catches all the action in lucid detail giving images that even surfers may have missed.

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Surfing video cameras also need to be small and light so they can easily fit unto a surfer’s gear without impeding movement or adding any weight, because weight and balance are very important factors in water surfing. Surfing cameras are designed small but very powerful and usually come with various devices for mounting the camera on the board or the surfer’s body.

Surfing requires some time, as surfers may have to wait for a while before strong waves come along, so the ideal camera needs a long battery life. Most waterproof cameras for surfing come with rechargeable Li-ion batteries which give enough power to keep the camera alive for a couple of hours.

waterproof camera for surfing

GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Wi-Fi Enabled Video Camera 

All the spills and splashing must be recorded in good quality and the device must be able to shoot with the same high-definition in low temperatures, therefore it must be built tough and rugged to bear extreme conditions like being smashed by the waves.

The most patronized sports today are so because spectators are able to closely feel and mirror what participants experience. Surfing cameras serve to connect spectators to surfers, sharing the joy and fascination for this sport.

A view from afar does not do justice to this unique act of riding on water, it is only when you are able to feel the pulse of the water running under your feet and see the curves and height of waves that surfing comes alive in you.


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  • surfer101

    Great piece, really true about surfing, cameras can make you a legend on that board

  • Thankx Surfer, you’re super-duper right. The sport itself is fantastic, adding appropriate camera to capture surfing thrills is simply sensational.