5 sure-fire ways to detect and remedy a bugged phone

Are you worried the smart phone you’re holding in your hands now might actually be a bugged phone? I’ll be concerned too considering how secret snooper apps have become so common lately.

Mobile phone security is a great necessity since everything that you do online or even offline can be tracked on your pretty handy smartphone.

Using spyware and malware could also attract other spy software to crawl and dig more information from your mobile device.

These information could be used by your business competitors and burglars to spy your phone activities 24/7 and take advantage of you.

There are various ways to detect if your phone has been bugged but for simplicity, here are the top 5 ways to show you if your phone has been tapped.

How to prevent and check if someone is spying on you through your mobile


Phone Restarting or Shutting Down Unnecessarily

Spy apps can only work when a bugged phone is turned on. If a phone is turned off, the target become invisible and cannot be tracked. So it makes sense that some mobile phone spy apps could prevent your phone from shutting down.

Anyone who uses a Windows OS knows how nasty the operating system could be and how taking simple steps like restarting can resolve the problems. When the PC restarts, proper system variable configurations are completed. It’s the same for mobile phone, a bugged phone might need to restart the mobile phone to properly install into the phone registry.


Battery Drains Down Quickly and Phone Gets Hot

Battery Drains Down Quickly and Bugged Phone Gets Hot


Mobile phone spying apps work by tracking the geolocation using the GPS. These apps also tracks pictures, videos, chats and other phone activities. The means the app must be running in your phone registry continuously.

Now, keeping the GPS running requires significant phone power which in turn increases the phone temperature as the battery drains out. Anyone who uses Google map often already knows this as a fact.

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Also,  you may also notice that its battery life is becoming lower than usual even if you rarely use it. The reason for this is the endless monitoring activity being done by the other party that uses up your bugged battery’s energy.


Noise Interference

you may receive or hear occasional background noises that might interfere with your current phone activities. This noise might occur whether you’re using your phone or not.

If you hear any unnecessary beep, click or annoying noise while using your phone, there is greater possibility that your call or any other data usage is being monitored by an outsider. If you don’t use but still hears annoying sounds, it might imply your phone security is at high risk.


Suspicious Phone Activities


You’ll be even more surprised when you notice such strange activities occurring within your smartphone like programs and application downloads or sending messages and browsing the web by itself, then you surely are bugged. A blinking light, a beep or turning your phone on and off all by itself usually go with this warning sign of being tapped.


Higher Data Charges and Over Billing

What could be more annoying here is to see your bills in extremely high rates when you only have used it moderately or even rarely at times. Higher data usage not only applies to phone calls here.

You will even see how frequent your phone has been used for the web and in sending or receiving text messages.




How to Prevent and Remedy a Bugged Phone

If your phone has been bugged. your information might have been compromised and you might have lost some serious dat. however, all hope is not lost. There are still a few steps you can take to save yourself.

Step one: Change all of your passwords and PINs on a regular basis


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If your partner can’t access your phone, then they can’t install any dodgy software on it – so make sure you regularly change your PIN, to something they won’t be able to guess. Birthdays and anniversaries are definitely out.

Likewise, if you have a Google or Apple account, you should change the password every few weeks or as soon as you become suspicious that someone is spying. It’s possible for anyone to track your iPhone using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature from any computer, as long as they know your password.


Step two: Check if your phone is already compromised

Check if your bugged phone is already compromised

Software such as Certo iPhone can check if your iPhone is already infested with spyware. For a small fee you can download Certo to a Windows PC – and there’s even a Pro version to scan an unlimited number of devices for the life of the license.

Once Certo iPhone is downloaded and installed, you should backup your iPhone or other iOS device to the same computer using iTunes, before running Certo iPhone. Your backup will be scanned for any traces of malware and spy software, and a full report generated. Hopefully you’ll see the above screen, with no reported issues.


Step three: Perform a full reset


If you’re sure that your phone has been compromised in some way, you can try a full factory reset to wipe it clean and start again. Make sure you transfer any important bits like photos to a computer, then head to your phone’s settings. From here you will find the reset option, which cleans your handset of apps and everything else.


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