What nobody is telling you about house burglaries

Home burglary occur very often and victims of house burglaries have been shown to experience varying degrees of emotional disturbances and financial loss after the crime.

Someone breaking in is intruding on your personal space and damaging or taking what you have worked long and hard for. This is a true victim crime that can shake your confidence and bring on bouts of paranoia.

Majority of burglaries are opportunistic burglaries done by amateur criminals that have seen a slight opportunity and acted upon it. It is quite easy to take steps against these types of criminal and make sure that your property is as well secured as it is possible for it to be.

This article will go through some simple steps to make sure that you are not putting your belongings, or safety, at any unnecessary risk.

Get in the mind of a home burglar

get in the mind of a home burglar

The first thing that you need to do is walk through what a burglary may look like yourself. This means thinking like a burglar and approaching your home in the same mind-set as they might.

This would involve looking for things that might be easy to climb around fences, any unopened or unlocked windows, keys that you thought were hidden or simply seeing if there is anything of high value clearly on display to the outside world.

Going through this process will help you to highlight any issues that may have escaped your attention, or that you had not noticed before.

Change those easy-to-break bolts and locks!


secure door locks and bolts

Next are your door / window locks and bolts. How easy are they to break?

You need to make sure that you are comfortable in the knowledge that only you and any other person that you have physically given a key have them. This means that when you move into a new property, and you are allowed to do so, it is good practice to change the locks.

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It may seem drastic but it ensures nobody else has copies of your keys. This step gives you peace of mind around you cannot quantify.

If you do not take this action, you’d be worried unnecessarily about the condition of your apartment when you’re away from home or when you leave something important in your house.

The same goes if you lose your keys, once you have realised this you should act to change the locks. As the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

When leaving the house, whether it is for a short period or for a longer holiday, you should never leave any hints that there is no one at home. This means that if you are expecting the delivery you should contact them before they make a delivery to ask them to leave it in a safe place, do not leave a note on the door saying that you are out and to leave it with a neighbor.

Announcing your absence from home is an open invitation to house burglars saying “I won’t be home for a time, so come on in and feast on my stuff”. 

When on holiday it is a bit more difficult to keep up the appearance that there is someone home. By using timers or have your visitors help, you can have lights turned on, curtains drawn and opened and give off the appearance that there is indeed someone at home.

There are remote-controlled motion-activated indoor and outdoor lights, and electric curtains you can use to automate the disguise. This would then put off any would-be burglar as the last thing they want to do is come into contact with someone in a home they are stealing from.

Get a video surveillance system you can view on your phone

all in one video security system

The last tip is to make sure that you have an adequate video security systems that can let you view your home remotely through your mobile phone.

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These include door entry systems, such as a phone buzzer or video entry system, up to date burglar alarms and even simple things such as deadlocks on doors. A deadlock is a simple way to make sure that a door is secure.

It means that people cannot gain access through a method called ‘loiding’, or in simple terms the use of a credit card to depress a latch to open a door.

Making sure that your video security system is set up and activated is one of the more important steps in guarding yourself against burglaries. If you have clear deterrents against burglars, they will be less inclined to target your house due to the higher likelihood of being caught.

This article was provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the security and technology sector – working alongside specialist companies such as Rentrifone, who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.

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