Why I Would Never Spy on my Husband

In a perfect world, full of perfect people, no one would feel the need to spy on their spouse. Personally, I would not spy on my husband with ‘spy cameras.’ I would never have married the man if I couldn’t trust him. Even though my husband spends a good chunk of time with his ex-wife, unsupervised usually, I might add.

They have a young son and I can’t let my feelings get in the way of him having both his parents in his life. I sometimes get jealous over the time they spend together, and sometimes I feel suspicious over what she and he could be doing, but I couldn’t ever spy on him. I know, in my heart, that he truly loves me, and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize our relationship (neither would I). I am well aware that they divorced for good reasons, and that I am his wife now.

We have both promised each other that if we felt the urge to cheat, and planned on going through with it, we would at least call the other and let us know that everything between us was over. When I decided to marry my husband, it was because we had a strong bond, love, and trust between us. To spy on him would not only show a lack of trust on my behalf, but be horribly demeaning to him. I think few things would hurt him more than me not trusting such a wonderful man. I have watched his parents, and they absolutely use cameras.

His mother’s husband has cameras all over their farm, so he can see her when she stays home and he is driving the big truck. She lives almost every moment in fear that she is doing something wrong, that he is going to be angry when she has a friend over. If her best friend’s husband comes over, he flips his lid saying she must be cheating on him.

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Every time a vehicle pulls into the driveway, he has to call her, and ask what she is doing behind his back. It kills me to watch her live like that, but she loves him and puts up with it. I don’t think I could handle being constantly watched, even by my lover. I never do anything behind his back, but being watched by him would make me feel like he’s waiting for me to slip up so he could start a fight.

Finally, if I felt the need to spy on my husband with cameras, I would likely just ask him for a divorce. Intuition is one of a woman’s strongest tools, and if I was so utterly suspicious that I thought I needed to spy upon him, then there would likely be a reason behind it. I have never had a doubt in my mind that my husband is a loyal and loving man; and I would never compromise the trust we have by installing and watching him with secret cameras.


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