Wierd Animals Caught on Camera – Really Bizarre!

Animals can be cute, friendly and nice to adults and children when well tamed and domesticated at home. Some animals have also been seen doing the unthinkable like smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol and posing with pretty girls on camera even with great demeanor.

Toying With Wild Animals? Better Watch Your Back!

Domesticating dogs, cats, monkeys and birds shouldn’t be a problem, but when it comes to wild animals like bear, tiger, crocodile, lion, chimps, then, it’s a different ballgame entirely.

If you are going to show off how brave you are with animals then, you’d better watch your back because you might be chewing more than you can actually chew.

Now these videos below are really crazy and you don’t want to watch them casually except you have the stomach for it. Again, these videos are hard to watch. Be prepared!

Totally Unbelievable: Wild Animals Caught On Camera

Man’s HEAD Trapped in the Jaw of an Alligator

Would you imagine a same man plugging his head into the jaw of a 350pounds American beast? It’s totally unbelievable.

The man’s head was inside the alligator’s mouth for almost two minutes. The gator cracked the man’s skull, his jaw, and punctured his head 42 times!

Watch the video, tell me what you think in the comment box below.


Alligator Caught on Camera Biting Man’s Arm

Watch how this super-strong alligator – the heaviest animal ever measured in the animal kingdom flipped up and bites hard on a gator-hand feeder’s arm.

The gator almost ripped his arm off. Several other alligators rushed to attack him as blood gushed out of his arms. His wounds took 26 stiches to pull his flesh together.


Shark Caught on Camera Attacking Swimmers

Next time you visit the ocean to swim, watch out, your life may be in danger.

Great white shark bit hard on the woman, dragged underwater, pulled and tugged as her flesh rips off her body.

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Watch the video, what happens after will shock you to the marrow.


Polar Bear Attack Woman At The Zoo

Next time you visit the zoo, you’d be better off watching those wild animals from a distance. The over 1000 pounds bear plunged its enormous canine deep into the woman’s left thigh and almost severed it from her body.


Check out the pictures below and see how some animals caught on camera showing off their love for alcohol and cigar in a grand style.

monkey caught smoking on camera
Caught smoking on camera. you bet the ape is enjoying the puff just as much as any man.

cat caught with alcohol on camera
Give it here…It’s mine. I’m gonna hold on to this. Nobody’s gonna take my Hite from me.


crab caught smoking on camera
I’m a water beast. But hey, I love this stuff as much as you do. I can even puff with both claws.

chimp caught with alcohol on camera
Chimp caught on camera – smoking. Phew! Man, humans sure know how to enjoy life.


hen caught smoking on camera
Before you roast me with fire, May I enjoy this puff first. Chicklet, one more for me.

chicklet caught with alcohol on camera
What’s it with this Marlboro sticks that stick out of mama’s mouth. I’ll try one too.


old dog caught smoking on camera
Old dog smoking pipe. “You wait silly boy, when you’re as old, let’s see what you’re gonna smoke”
bulldog caught on camera
Bulldog caught smoking on camera. “You smoke pipe, I puff cigar! We ain’t mate old dog…”


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