Levana Digital Wireless Baby Camera – Top 5th

Levana digital wireless baby camera is a cherry picked choice of many busy mums because of the tremendous benefits and its multi-purpose features.

This digital baby web camera gives you an authoritative edge to discreetly monitor your baby sitter or any of your child caregiver from any location in the world using your computer or smartphone.

You really do not need to drive wildly back home or get worried about your child’s welfare; simply pop-out your iPhone or blackberry and watch footage of your child real-time.

This very affordable digital wireless baby camera provides mobile online monitoring, email alerts and smart phone viewing to keep an eye on your child. It’s compact, aesthetically appealing, portable and durable without sacrificing efficiency.

You can also record footage of your baby on your computer and access it whenever you want. The advanced recording options preserve your child’s special moments for a lifetime.

All the necessary software is included and easy to setup so you can start recording in no time. You can even set different recording schedules so that the camera only records when motion is detected.

Then you can review the video at any time on the computer you used to record. Setting the motion detection is easy since there are different levels of sensitivity to choose from. While this digital wireless baby camera is not advised for outdoor use, it can potential provide 300ft – which is close to the length of a football field.

It’s also fully loaded with 9 infrared LEDs providing clear night vision and clear low light video recording within a night distance of about 8 ft.

It operates on 4xAAA batteries with battery life of 2hours with night vision and 4.5 hours without night vision.
You will want to consider rechargeable batteries anyway.

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Best Wireless Babysitter Video Cameras

We know how hard it is to review, select, and decide on the essential functions or features of the wireless digital video baby monitors you are considering. However we have simplified the work for you:

Interesting Features of Levana Online Baby Video Monitor

The built-in night vision allows you to see your baby at all times, even in complete darkness! With the push of a button, the infrared LEDs on the baby camera provide clear images that show up on-screen.

The inbuilt microphone on the camera also allows you see your child’s priceless smiles as you cooee, smile and sing to you baby from miles away.

Ensure your child is sleeping soundly and enjoy the night vision capabilities by seeing clearly, up to 10ft away.

Important! Safety measures to avoid Baby monitor Hazards

The wireless baby camera can be setup to automatically send you an email when movement is detected in your baby’s crib, room, or when the camera loses power.

A wireless USB receiver is also included with the digital wireless baby cam to provide motion activated alerts or sound activated alerts.

This wireless baby monitoring product is an excellent device for remotely checking up on your child with her babysitter at home when you are away.

These sets of video monitors for babies are safe and designed for easy mounting and positioning. They are smart devices featuring longest ranges and reach. Needless to say, they are intuitive. Once in your hands, it’s easy to figure out the best placements.

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It is an excellent way to ensure that your baby is getting proper care from her nanny.

You can call your baby sitter who is probably dozing off in the living room to check up on your child in her crib if you notice anything unusual while watching…

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