ClearVu Digital Wireless Baby Monitor – Top 2nd

It appears ClearVu digital wireless baby monitor was designed to correct the design problems with the BABYVIEW20 Video Baby Monitor. Levana ClearVu digital color babysitter cam has some really great features going for it:

The sound and video quality, interference avoidance features, changing night lights in the dark and the baby lullaby add-ons which sooth and calm babies to good night sleep.

For those who have many electronics devices at home, most of those wireless devices including microwave oven are interference prone,

Because those wireless devices all attempt to transmit signal at the same time using the same wireless channel they can all begin to have collisions.

ClearVu wireless baby monitor combats this by effectively transmitting digital signals instead of the conventional analog signal.

This is highly effective for providing interference free quality reception for audio-video surveillance and monitoring devices for babies.

See a demo of this features-packed wireless baby monitoring device. (opens in new window)

If you are looking for a wireless baby video monitoring devices to make your babysitter’s work more fun and interesting, then you may want to consider ClearVu wireless color baby video monitor.

These sets of video monitors for babies are safe and designed for easy mounting and positioning. They are smart devices featuring longest ranges and reach. Needless to say, they are intuitive. Once in your hands, it’s easy to figure out the best placements.

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Since you do not expect your nanny to be far away from your baby, the range of 350feet is more than sufficient for indoor surveillance.

Note however that the optimum transmission range for this handheld baby monitor is 150ft especially when signal has to pass through walls or floors.

When microwave oven is in use or if your house has metal frames, signal distortion and interference may often occur.

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The in-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery of the ClearVu wireless digital baby monitor has effective battery life of 4hours with 5 hours charging time.

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It comes with base charger where you can dock your monitor receiver unit to charge for few hours. You can conserve your baby monitor’s battery life by turning off the LCD display and using the audio-only feature.

The baby monitoring camera component uses a power adapter to provide an always-on baby video monitoring and surveillance.

Levana ClearVu digital wireless baby monitor provide 4 multi-camera supports.

This is an excellent feature which comes very handy when you need to monitor your child moving around or catch a glimpse of all your children in their rooms.

10 built-in infrared (IR) night vision LEDs on the wireless baby camera gives you clear image views of your baby at night when the lights are out within a range of 10ft.

One great feature of the ClearVu wireless baby monitor is the built-in color changing night light which displays calming light to soothing your little precious to a sound sleep.

This feature automatically turns on when low light is detected in the room. It can also be manually turned off once the baby is sound asleep.

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We know how hard it is to review, select, and decide on the essential functions or features of the wireless digital video baby monitors you are considering. However we have simplified the work for you:


Features Lacking in ClearVu Digital Video Monitor

  1. Lacks the coveted pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) features but it compensates for this with sound detection and activation. Meaning, your receiver’s screen will be activated when baby’s sound is detected.
  2. The ClearVu digital baby video monitor also lacks two-way communication features that can facilitate interaction between you are your baby.
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In Summary: the Clearvu digital baby monitor is a superb baby safety device that can complement your babysitter’s job. Your babysitter would be more motivated to adequately care for your baby since she has the right tool to make her duty less burdensome.

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