Why Wireless Baby Monitors Are Super-Essential [True Life Story]

Without any doubt, using video wireless baby monitors remain one of the sure-fire ways to monitor your baby and the babysitter caring for your child.

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Many mothers have suffered great loss and misfortune in the hands of their baby’s caregivers. In fact some mothers have not been able to forgive themselves for NOT paying proper attention to the safety of their children when they were younger.

For some parents, having something as simple and cheap as wireless baby monitors will be more than sufficient to avert such calamities.

Sometimes ago, I was motivated by how badly one abusive babysitter we hired maltreated our daughter. We did not capture her until we installed some small video camera security systems to monitor our baby.

After the incidence, I wrote a few review articles on the best wireless baby monitors where I compared brands like Angelcare, Graco, Summer Infant, Philips Avent, Sony, Fisher Price, Lorex, Levana and more to help Mums make wise decisions when buying wireless video baby monitors.

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How Much do you know about your babysitter?

Is your babysitter caring for your child or nasty and playing sports with your sweet cute baby?

There is only one way to find out the truth…

Babysitter Video Monitors Never Lie…

Few days ago, something happened again… I had a discussion with an accomplished career woman, I was so touched by our discussions.

So, motivated again, I decided to write another interesting article on wireless baby monitors. The woman I spoke with told me how she left her baby girl with her family friend’s 13 year old son for less than one hour.

By the time she came back the boy had gone and she noticed the baby was so irritated, crying a lot and feeling so disturbed.

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Few minutes later, she noticed some stretches of bloodstains in the corner of her white couch in the living room.

She was alarmed… on checking the stains out carefully, she found out it was still somehow fresh.

At first, she thought the teenage boy had a nose bleed or something while he was with her baby until an idea popped into her head to bath her crying baby in order to soothing her a bit.

And then… she found out the alarming truth…

The young teenage boy – her friend’s son, whom she trusted so much, whom she thought was well-trained from an honorable family had just abused her 1 year old girl and disappeared into thin air.

What ensued from then on between her, her husband and the family friend? I’ll leave to your imagination.

The discussion was so touching. How I wish I can convey how emotionally disturbing this traumatic experience was for her.

She told me anytime she remembered the event, she would wished she had done something to monitor her daughter the few minutes she was away.

An excellent babysitter video surveillance camera with good indoor and outdoor range would have been perfect in such situation.

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 Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Wireless Baby Monitor

As a young parent, you cannot afford to be careless about your child. One of the things a young parent should be extremely careful of is paying close, careful attention to their little children.

There have been several mind-boggling reports of abuses that children – young little innocent kids go through when mothers leave their children even for few minutes.

Know this, in this present age, never say “I can trust so and so person with my kids….” It doesn’t happen anymore, people are so corrupt perverted and the minds of many, so distorted you’ll wonder if they are still human.

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You can also simply see our top recommended wireless video monitors for babies. We described the features, benefits and shortcomings of each baby video monitor. You can’t go wrong deciding with our baby video monitors reviews.

Only Read reviews from quality Websites

Some websites might give you wrong information for promoting the sales of a particular device.

I actually like the Amazon product reviews because they are from real customers who have used the product and honestly describe their experiences, both good and bad.

How to Hire Professional Babysitter Out there for Your Child

Nowadays, what every mum experience may be a little different especially if you are a career woman who needs to hire a nanny when returning to work after maternity leave.

Some nannies are not so different from the boy discussed in this story. They are abusive, careless, hard-hearted and mean.

But don’t lose heart just yet. There are still millions of people out there who are kind and gentle-spirited.

They’d watch, protect, nurse and care for your child like your baby means the world to them.

Hiring the best babysitter should not be a daunting experience. There’s one place you can get some of those babysitters.

Find Your Ideal Sitter. Fast & Easy.

Stories will continue to abound on exposed babysitter. It is the responsibilities of all parents to install baby monitoring surveillance systems for our children or better still, hire responsible, highly reputable babysitters.

The interesting thing is: there are so many baby security cameras for smart phones that can make monitoring your children so much easier than ever before. Some of these cameras can even send you email alerts and you can monitor them online from anywhere.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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