Recommendations for Wireless Camera Problems

Reading online reviews can help uncover tremendous amount of information on products, services and solutions to several challenges, troubleshooting ideas to difficult problems.

You can easily piggy-back on experiences of other people to get solutions and answers to your questions.

On the downside, internet reviews can also leave you more confused and perplexed than you were before the information overload.

There has been loads of information online on wireless camera problems and many people, marketers and critics make it sound like these wireless security camera challenges and limitations are real big deal.

Critics think problems of wireless security cameras are really so hard that they advice (or rather) scare people away from using wireless cameras despite the obvious advantages.

Although the focus of this article is to discuss the challenges associated with using wireless security cameras, but get a quick sneak-peek at the benefits of buying wireless IP cameras as well as a short overview of the interesting technology defining the invention of IP security camera system as a standalone home security solution.

Smart Note: As beautiful as wireless home security cameras are, they are not without known problems, installation challenges and difficulties which you should carefully think about.

Thankfully enough, these limitations are easy to bypass once you know the potential problems of wireless surveillance cameras and the possible solutions available to you before installation.

Wireless Camera Problems, Limitations & Challenges

One step forward, two steps backward is never a way forward. Do not let problems associated with wireless security cameras hinder your decision. These problems and recommendations on wireless CCTV camera security system explained below will really help you.

Unsecured & Unprotected Wireless Video Transmission

So you have just finished setting up your wireless surveillance cameras, clamped your hands together, looked at what you have done again and smiled, feeling satisfied at how smart you are.

Days later, a random guy across the street picked up a cheap wireless equipment which happens to be accidentally compatible with your wireless camera and tapped effortlessly into your system.

To his amazement, he finds that your system is so weak and simple to break. He imagines that if he could simply tap into your wireless home or business surveillance system, he could as well be your guest, tap in once in a while, to watch you in your own house, doing your thing with your wife, playing with your kids, or getting down on your wife in the living room.

How convenient!

Not too long ago, I read a research report that only a fraction of people password their computer, while a large proportion of those who do actually use predictable passwords like names and birth dates or combination of both, which they believe they can easily remember.

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Now, problems with wireless home video security systems is exactly same as that of computer described above. Many people simply buy their wireless video camera, hook it up and… voilà, it works. No security measures, no passwords, no authentication, no encryption configured… nothing.

Such system is as vulnerable as a house full of gold but with doors left ajar. It is an open invitation for attack, intrusion and security breach.

The truth is, when you send an information on the internet, it is first encoded (or encrypted) to prevent it from been spoofed or sniffed by some “bad guys”. Configuring hard-to-break passwords consisting of letters, number and special characters may really help you have a more secure system.

How To Avoid Compromised Wireless Security Camera Systems

While I still support my opinion about the comfort and convenience wireless video security camera systems offer, I believe the best way to overcome the associated wireless camera limitations is to set up any of these 3 options:

1.)    Home Security Cameras with Power-Over-Ethernet Cameras

Video transmission Over Power are hardwired and have no transmitted frequency, which means they cannot be picked up by other devices. They are easy to set-up and plug into your existing electrical wiring and wall jack. POE cameras offer fantastic means of overcoming wireless camera difficulties.

Coming highly recommended is Logitech alert master. A toast POE camera security systems with good reviews and acceptance. It is bundled with smart indoor and outdoor motion activated security cameras with cell phone instant SMS alert notifications.

2.)     Surveillance Systems with Wired Security Cameras

Hard-wired cameras systems do not sent out a wireless signal because they plug directly into the wall. With no wireless signal, there is no chance that the wrong person will pick up your video feed.

This option will be the most secure and widely used among those seeking bulletproof security. It is a sure way to bypass problems of wireless camera.

3.)     Cameras With Built-In Digital Video Recorder

You can also get over hassles of wireless cameras by using secure wireless cameras with built-in digital video recorders capture footage and record it to a Secure Digital card.

With all information saved to a SD card, you don’t have to worry about someone spying on you through a wireless channel. These cameras are both secure and wireless.

Other Important Wireless Security Camera Problems

The remaining problems highlighted below are equally important, however, wireless cameras security companies and manufacturers have made tremendous efforts to offer possible solutions.

Electromagnetic Interference on 2.4GHz ISM Frequency Band: Most wireless systems are on the 2.4 GHz frequency band which is crowded with tons of other devices ranging from wireless PCs to cordless phones. This makes for possible interference with the reception of the video signal.

Interestingly, newer models of wireless security products and equipment now have interference mitigation protocols that enable the different devices to collaborate and resolve collision and interference automatically.Alternatively, you can simply migrate your device to the 5.8 GHz or 900 MHz which is commonly used today.

Another one you should know is

Unfavorable Weather Condition: Weather events such as rain, snow, and even wind can wreak havoc on wireless signals. This is a temporary wireless camera problem you should fret too much about.
Bad Terrain and Foliage: Terrain features such as hills, buildings, and walls can cut signal strength. This is a problem that can easily be avoided simply by choosing the proper transmitters with good range suitable for your home or business premises.

You should not also forget

Limited focal length lens availability: The transmitter adds cost and bulk to the camera, so most manufacturers of consumer wireless cameras only offer them with a standard wide-angle lens.As possible solution to this security camera difficulty, you can make any camera wireless whether it is wide-angle or varifocal (i.e. camera lens with variable focal length) or longer focal length lens, you just have to combine and customize the transmitter and camera instead of buying already put together package which may be unsuitable for your area.

This last point is very crucial…

High Speed Internet Presence and Higher Device Cost: Increased cost and presence of high-speed internet access are other wireless camera problems you should consider particularly if you are thinking of wireless IP security cameras.Good internet speed is required to reap the benefits of any IP wireless surveillance camera system because you will want to check in real-time the video stream from your camera. This is definitely not fun if your internet connection drags and crawls like 1875 snail-mail.Often time, problems of cost are often a fair reflection of how technically advanced the surveillance equipment is.

Remember, “Go Slow and Low. You Don’t Have to Break the Bank” to buy a home monitoring equipment.


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What’s Keeping You From Using Security Cameras?

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