Business Security Cameras Caught Woman Vandalizing Store

Are you a business owner considering business wireless camera security systems? It is a great decision that can save you thousands or possibly millions of dollars cumulatively over the years ahead. It may turn out to be your most important business investments.

If you do not believe this, then imagine someone entering your store and without flinching, goes on destroying, smashing and trashing down expensive products simply because you did not allow her to use your office bathroom?

Sounds almost unbelievable but it’s true!

Video: Watch the CCTV video camera footage and see how a woman smashed several bottles of expensive liquor worth thousands of dollars.

In today’s world, criminals and vandals are becoming bolder and very brash. Many people would not even have a second thought or recoil at the thought of the evil they are about to unleash on another person.

Motion activated wireless camera security systems undoubtedly remains one of the safest ways to capture crime on camera, it allows you to record those criminals in-action.

Home and business security cameras that come highly recommended often feature motion-activated recording, IP PTZ Cameras and night vision capabilities.

Think about it, investing in a wireless IP camera may just be better than hiring more security people because wireless cameras do not compromise, conspire, connive or lie to rob your business or home!

Simply let your imagination run wild. You might never know the great benefits IP wireless surveillance cameras could bring to you until you have one installed.

Why is Wireless Video Camera Systems so… Perfect?

1.)      Evidence & Deterrence Against Crimes and Theft

Using both indoor and outdoor wireless camera security systems can effectively offer crime deterrence and tremendous help or evidence for security officials to apprehend criminal and vandals.

For example, in a movie titled Angels & Demons (2009), we saw how Tom Hanks acted an Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon worked to solve a murder and prevent a terrorist act against the Vatican.

One of the scenes showed a catholic father executed a conspiracy. Unfortunately, his evil couldn’t last long because office CCTV camera security systems captured him in action.

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So, for business owners who have many staff dealing so many customers, it is crucial to consider installing advanced wireless camera security systems that can be strategically installed in places prone to compromises such as stealing, shoplifting, workers conspiracy and most especially POS counters.

There are cost-efficient wireless business security cameras that you can use to effectively provide top-notch safety for your staff, family, properties and most importantly protect yourself from harm.

See our recommended top-notch, high-performance business wireless camera security systems to provide unparalleled protection for your home and business.

2.)      Ability to Secure Selected Locations of Interests

For a moment, think about the riots and demonstration that occurred in London not sometimes ago. Imagine thousands of people that have been arrested with evidence of their participation in looting and vandalism.

While justification (or lack of it) for this act is another issue, our point is, these arrests were effective because of the thousands or possibly millions of CCTV security systems installed everywhere.

Wireless camera security systems often involve using collection or network of surveillance cameras, security monitors and security digital video recorder.

They allow recorded images to be viewed in sequence, randomly or on demand using search features by date.

You may choose to install some hidden motion-activated wireless camera security systems in those sensitive areas you want to protect.

Some PTZ IP security cameras with facial recognition software can pan, tilt and zoom on target to obtain on-focus HD video recording of the target.

New technology is also helping us to see PTZ cameras with target tracking which steadily moves with the target when the motion-activated video camera is triggered.

Many of these commercial security cameras have IP features that enable users to monitor, and access configure the cameras remotely.

Using one of these high-techs, state-of-the-art camera to securely monitor your business and home premises is important and alarmingly easy especially with security camera software that is packaged with your purchase.

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Smart Tip: Get the benefits of IP surveillance cameras by using it as part of your business or home security camera systems. SAVE $250 on 4 High Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Color Night Vision Security Cameras with Advanced Image Sensors

3.) Remote Internet Surveillance & Monitoring Benefits

No one should ignore safeguarding his or her equipment and materials from being pilfered by people. They may be their own employees, outsiders or even customers.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to simply monitor your business premises and home from anywhere in the world with a single click or a touch of a button?

That’s right!

New video camera technologies have made that possible with internet protocol (IP) capabilities. This is often called remote internet viewing with wireless IP motion security cameras.

A wireless IP video security camera connects directly to your computer’s hard drive and uses that hard drive to record video. Such high-tech PTZ IP business security cameras are being used by several organizations with high success rates.

The software that comes with the IP camera will create an IP address. When you want to see what the camera is viewing at one place from another site you simply log into that IP address and watch your home from anywhere.

When motion is detected the motion alarm creates a buzzing sound to alert you. The camera has an amazing range of over 320 feet in full-color. The software that comes with the unit can support up to four cameras.

Nowadays, almost all banks, business, manufacturing companies and other organization make use of these devices besides their use for home security.

If you have been indecisive about investing in business security cameras then maybe you should have a rethink. Securing your investments is probably one of the best decisions you should make.

Smart Tips: There are security stores providing great quality products and regularly offer discounts and offers to help you setup your home and business video security camera system with wireless IP security cameras.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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