Wireless GE Simon caught my father-in-law red handed

by Paul  (NJ)

GE Simon XT Wireless Alarm Systems

Well okay, it was his house and apparently my mother-in-law forgot to mention to him that I was installing a security system. Needless to say the GE security system worked flawlessly and it’s really freaking loud (Just ask dad).

It called her cell phone just as it should have to alert her that there was an intruder (She took me out to lunch as a thank you – I guess we should have ordered fast food) Really, hooking up the phone line is about the hardest part of the install everything else was a series of five-minute tasks. Programming the box is very intuitive.

It’s really just a series of top-level menus and sub menus with options. It took no longer than two shots to find any option that I was looking for. Piece of cake to install and with the cell phone dialing feature, no monthly monitoring fees.

I would definitely recommend the system, I would also definitely recommend telling all members of the household that you are installing it. It goes very quickly.

Unpack the box, install the battery and phone wiring (Just follow the diagram and don’t get fancy, you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot) A few screws in the wall and its time for programming.

There is a recommended zone chart in the manual – Do yourself a favor and follow it. I got lazy and put everything, including the fobs in a single zone. Well the fobs don’t communicate with the system.

Since the system is expecting bi-directional communication in all but one zone it alerts the fault with consistent beeping. 12 hours after installation. Did I mention that I installed this in the early afternoon? Well 2pm at night it starts to send the warning bells, but that’s a whole other story.

 So just trust me and follow the recommended zones in the manual, they are more than just a random number. After that its simply a little more phone number programming, giving everybody a security code and screwing the wireless sensors to the wall. It was as easy as DIY can get.

The next step for us is the optional carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector and basement water alarm. I do wish it had a separate “brains” unit and alarm so it couldn’t be tanked (Tossed into the toilet before the alarm calls out) but unless you go big money or with a monthly service (even bigger money) that’s not an option.

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And hey for about $300 you get 3 trip sensors, the PIR motion detector, two fobs – (one included, one add-on) and of course the brains/alarm/keypad unit. The only other drawback is the included PIR Sensor (pet immune motion detector) is not a sensitive as I had hoped, but I guess that’s a trade-off for a sensor that will ignore a 40 pound dog, but not a 200 pound father-in-law. Sorry Dad!!!

(and next time, you can just hit the red cross on the panel instead of dialing 911) I highly recommend this its a great deterrent.


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