Who Needs Wireless Indoor Camera When There’re Guns and Dogs

Despite the level of insecurity, crime, burglary, vandalization and physical abuse of senior citizens that seem to be defining our society, there are some who still strongly hold the opinion that home security monitoring systems are marketing hype and not facts.

In my opinion, I strongly believe such arguments are rather myopic, misguided and their claims hold no water, being terribly far from the truth and reality.

For instance, I recently had a discussion with a middle-aged family man advising him on how important it is to have even a cheap wireless home indoor camera systems in his new home which he recently moved into.

His response was as surprising as it was fascinating…

“No way! I’m not going to waste my money on some pieces of nonsense [wireless indoor cameras] just because some marketing guys say so….”

“Look, Richard”, he continued, “home security systems, be it alarm or video craps… are definitely not required to catch thieves or intruders on your property. It’s just marketing hype by camera security companies to get our hard-earned money…

At that point, I was speechless. Not sure if I should laugh, scream “STOP!” or simply break down and cry for him because of his ignorance and inability to see beyond his nose.

Rattling on, he asked rhetorically, with eye bulging out and cynicism on his lips, “Dude, you know what I’d rather do…?

I responded sarcastically, “No, I don’t… what?”

“I’m going to buy me a shotgun and pistol then just wait for any blockhead to break in….. and then shoot him in-between the eyes… problem solved no need for any wireless indoor camera or whatever!”

He finished, smacking his lips, obviously satisfied with himself. An interesting man indeed.

I was totally tongue-tied with disbelieve. Neither knowing how to start talking to him nor what to tell him exactly.

Several thoughts raced through my mind: Simply walk away and let him wallow in self-pity if he gets unlucky and his new homes gets robbed, or, sit him down, talk to him responsibly, give him options and encourage him to weigh the options and test-drive whatever seems good to him.

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I chose the latter option. I calmly asked him “how about when you go to work, or go to bed or even shopping?

Don’t you think without an indoor camera system or any home burglar alarm security system, Thieves would have all the time in the world to break into your house when you’re not around? “

It was a very fascinating discussion which went on for over half an hour.

Interestingly, by the time we finished talking, he did not only agree that he needed a good wireless home security monitoring equipment. In fact the following week I saw him, he had actually purchased a powerful wireless indoor camera package with outdoor security cameras which I confidently recommended to him!

To convince him of the amazing benefits of the home indoor security camera system I recommended to him, I showed him the video below captured by the same home security monitoring system.

The house-owner was at work but she received an instant alert notification when intruders broker into her home. Knowing something was wrong, she logged into the home indoor surveillance monitoring equipment to watch the real-time video stream.

Watch the video below, if you want to see what she saw on her living room wireless indoor camera. It’s simply amazing.

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Honestly, friends, I don’t know anybody who can sit in a rocking chair on their porch 24/7 with a shotgun in hands watching out for home burglars!

Well, let me say that can only work if you’re a couch potato, staying at home ALL the time, never sleep and can shoot all the intruders before they reach you.

Heavens help you if a gang attacks. Unless you’re Spartacus, you will have to “shoot ’em all” before one of them reaches you and takes you by surprise!

Believe me, at such times you would wish you had invested some stipends in a good home security monitoring equipment with some crystal clear image-producing wireless indoor and outdoor cameras.

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Now, you say what about dogs?

Yeah, of course dogs are good but gone are the days when you leave the security of your home to your dogs.

Needless to say, a hit on the head or a single bullet is what it takes to forever silence even the most watchful dogs.

Evidently, no amount of security dogs can replace a complete wireless home security monitoring systems packed with both wireless indoor and outdoor cameras!

Consider this: unlike dogs, you don’t need to feed your wireless indoor camera, (well, except power supply) you don’t have to worry about your indoor cameras pooping blood in the house or your outdoor cameras biting your neighbor’s child…

In fact you could get extra hidden wireless outdoor spy cameras that could save you troubles and catch those pranksters destroying your garden or flowers.

Home security systems are important in this present day. You have to watch and secure both indoor and outdoor of your home. We highly recommend these excellent wireless indoor security cameras for guaranteed quality performance.

Now, there’s one more thing before you need to know. If you want a home security monitoring system that you can monitor remotely from anywhere, anytime, then, a wireless IP security camera is exactly what you need.



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