Wireless IP Camera For Instant Home Security Monitoring

Those whose houses have been burgled before rarely need encouragement before buying wireless IP camera for their homes.

Every year, individuals, businesses, homes and retailers keep losing billion of dollars in cash and valuables to burglars. The economic situation in the country is also not helping.

Many people still do not know what to expect: a bleak and endangered future or a crime free generation.

However, the trend of insecurity in the country is likely to continue… until everyone takes protective measures.

Really probing questions I keep asking people are:

  1. Why do you have to wait till crime is brought to your doorstep or till when your backyard serves as escape route for criminals before you take action to secure your home or business premise?
  2. If you can, with little investment, why not make efforts to catch those criminals in the act?

It’s pretty possible and simple, with wired or wireless IP security monitoring cameras, you can see everywhere 24/7, from anywhere one there is internet connection.

Wireless PTZ IP Security Camera is a home surveillance equipment that allows you to access video images real time over the internet.

It is a powerful video surveillance equipment that gives you such degree of freedom to be anywhere in the world and be able to see anything the lenses of your wireless IP camera can see.

Imagine you are in your house and you have this hunch in the middle of the night that something is wrong in your office.

Isn’t it great to be able to take a look at the your business building, indoors, outdoors and offices using your wireless IP video surveillance equipment?

Think about it, investing in a wireless IP camera may just be better than hiring more security personnel because wireless cameras do not compromise, conspire, connive or lie to rob your business or home!

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Simply let your imagination run wild. You might never know the great benefits IP wireless surveillance cameras could bring to you until you have one installed.

Also imagine being on vacation and still be able to remotely monitor the safety of your home in real-time.

Think about capability to see those “no entry” blind-spots areas of your business premise anytime anywhere just by glancing at your desktop security monitor or using your smart phone.

So the point is, Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance cameras allow you to monitor everything going on in your house real-time even when you are not at home. They allow you monitor your home from outdoor, backyard, garden, garage, indoors, living room, bedroom, kids rooms, etc)

The most interesting part is when your indoor and outdoor security cameras for home are motion activated security cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom when motion is detected.

Some home video surveillance systems can even use be configured to automatically send you email alerts notifications when suspicious motion is detected on your properties.

So, if you want those thieves to shiiiiit their pants, invest in a two-way audio IP surveillance camera, hook it up to a sub-woofer speaker and scream “Freeze Police!” as you watch the real time video streaming.

See guides and recommendations on buying wireless camera security systems.

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Why People Are Crazy About Wireless IP Cameras

There are different types of wireless IP cameras: Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera, IP Dome Cameras, IP Box Camera, and IP Bullet Camera. These IP surveillance cameras offer several advantages over their analog substitutes, including:

Power over Ethernet: Using the same cable both to establish a network connection and to provide power to an IP camera can dramatically reduce cabling requirements and translate into huge cost savings for organizations, especially those with hundreds of cameras.

Built-in processing power: IP cameras act as intelligent sensing devices, with such features as object-based motion detection, motion-based activation, activity tracking and video analytics.

Network accessibility: IP cameras can be connected to an organization’s network, which allows them to be managed and monitored using the organization’s existing IT resources and tools.

Dual streaming and substream: Allows video to be viewed at high resolution for excellent image clarity, but stored at lower resolution for optimal use of storage resources.

Seamless Compatibility: Because they dovetail with existing IT systems, afford virtually unlimited scalability, and require less cabling than analog cameras, IP cameras make perfect investment sense for many organizations and businesses that want to expand their security operations.

Some people prefer to watch while others take actions. Why wait till you become a crime victim before protecting your home?

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Save yourself the troubles, catch the criminals in action with motion-activated wireless PTZ IP security camera before they loot your home.



It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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