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Sturdy Motion Detector Security Camera Outdoor Digital Video Recorder

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Manufacturer Description

Time Saving Solutions - The iBulb also makes it easy to review your video. When you're ready, just pop out the memory card and upload the footage. It's saved in convenient, clearly labeled 30-minute files. All iBulb footage is automatically watermarked with the date and time, so you can pin down the exact moment of any transgression.

Real Time Mode - One of the iBulb's most convenient features is Real Time mode, which uses a motion sensor to conserve storage space while still catching every piece of action. While the iBulb normally records at 12 frames-per-second, Real Time mode records at 1 frame-per-second until the motion sensor is triggered by any movement within an 8-meter diameter, when it jumps back up to 12 fps until the motion stops. Depending on how highly trafficked the area is, the iBulb could run for months in Real Time mode without filling its memory card.

The best way to catch criminals in the act is to make sure they don't know you're watching, with a covert camera that doesn't catch their eye. The iBulb is cleverly disguised as a modern light fixture and fits nicely into any standard socket, drawing power the same way as a light bulb. Its high quality CMOS sensor and infared LED lights ensure you'll get perfectly clear video at all times, while a built-in motion detector helps you record all the action and none of the downtime. Use the iBulb to monitor cash rooms or cash registers to keep a third eye on your staff, or to check up on household help to make sure they aren't supplementing their salary. It's an investment that pays off immediately, providing instant peace of mind and long-term asset protection.

  • Easy To Use / Install
  • AMR9 32bit Video and Audio Quality
  • Invisible 940nm LED Night Vision
  • Motion Detection (record only the important details)
  • Records for 60 Days (MicroSD Not Included)
  • Product Features

    Easy Installation: Designed for ease-of-use, the iBulb screws directly into any standard E27 light socket, just like a normal light bulb. There are no complicated setup or installation procedures. Once it's screwed in, just use the buttons on the body of the device to set your recording preferences, and you're ready to catch some bad guys in the act. Clean Modern Design: The iBulb was crafted to look just like a modern, universal, energy-efficient light fixture so that it would blend right into the existing furnishings of your home or office. It doesn't call any attention to itself, so wrongdoers won't be able to get self-conscious about their actions in its vicinity. Amazing Video: The iBulb processes 3GP video files at a crisp 640x480 resolution with its AMR9 32-bit Microprocessor. To conserve space on your MicroSD card, you can also film at 352x288. While the higher resolution will be more advantageous for catching crafty cashiers swapping out currency, the lower resolution is great for monitoring entryways and exists to see who's coming and going after hours. Perfect Vision Day or Night: With 24 940nm infared LED lights surrounding a high quality CMOS sensor, the iBulb is able to record incredible, high quality video all day and night. And since infared light is out of range of the human eye, thieves still won't know they're being watched. Convenient and Low Maintenance: The iBulb records onto MicroSD memory cards that insert right into the device. Review your footage as often or as rarely as you'd like. In order to make sure it's always doing its job, the iBulb will continue recording even after the memory card is full, replacing the oldest footage with the newest.