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Protect America Security System Personal Review

by Redneck Man
(killen tx usa)

I have had my Protect America home security system for about two months now. Our neighborhood, though normally safe, had experience a rash of break-ins over the course of a few months. I work nights so my wife and kids are always home alone in the house, so we decided that we better get a security system.

Though I had a large sign on my porch that said “I shoot first then ask questions” I wasn't so sure this would be an affective method for deterring burglars.

I did some research online and found that Protect America was rated as one of the best so I made an appointment to have them come out to the house to get us set up.

The customer service rep that I spoke to was very helpful. She answered all of my questions and helped me pick the package that was right for my home. I was a little worried that they would push the more expensive packages but she recommended the Silver Security package which included 10 doors and windows, a control panel and one motion detector.

It also comes with three window stickers and a yard sign. I told the representative that I had my own, homemade signs. After reading a few of them to her I was impressed that she was still able to carry on a conversation in a professional manner. She just reiterated the stickers and signs came with the package and were optional for use was a reasonable price and fit my needs perfectly.

When the technician came to my house to install the alarms I think he was a little taken back by My porch sign as well as the fact that I have guns prominently displayed in my home, including one hanging over the front door.

What can I say, I'm country at heart. The technician was a total professional and didn't turn tail and run. Instead he installed the alarm and spent over an hour with my wife and I explaining how it worked.

I really felt better after we got the security system. I was able to go to work every night and not worry about leaving my family at home. For about the first month. The second month we had two “false alarms” where the police responded to our alarm only to find out that it was not an emergency.

The first time my bulldog set it off when he got stuck coming in through the doggie door. It is a little small, or he is a little fat, and he really had to push himself through and this tripped the alarm. The second time my son set it off. He came home from what was supposed to be a sleepover and even though he knew the code panicked when it started going off.

Still I took it as a sign that we were well protected. If a dog could set it off then it would totally catch burglars. We only had one more issue a month or so later with a false alarm. That was when my 15-year-old was trying to sneak out of the house.

He didn't realize that by opening the window from the inside he could also set off the alarm. I realized that I now had DOUBLE protection. A way to keep criminals out and a way to keep my teenage kids in.

Overall I am very happy with my security system. It is very reasonably priced and it gives me the most important thing, peace of mind. If I had to pick one thing about the system that I thought was best I would have to say you can not beat the price.

The company and customer service are top-notch also, and to me that is of high importance. I have included pictures of great security signs.

Excellent DIY Home Security Systems

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Thank you for those helpful tips. I'm glad I read your posts before purchasing my surveillance systems. I avoided several mistakes.

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