Would You Spy on your Adopted Children?

I would not spy on, or track the movements of my adopted children. I believe that they would be entitled to make their own decisions, and reap the consequences of them; good or bad. I have heard of parents implanting chips, or gps in their children, but I do not agree with this paranoid approach to parenting and spying on children whether adopted or not.

I believe that a paranoid approach to parenting will ultimately make the children paranoid, or angered that they are being kept much the same as prisoners. Allowing a human to feel free to experience life is very important for a healthy state of mind.

Freedom allows the person to embrace the excitement in uncovering new adventures, or ways of thinking versus the caged animal feeling of living under another’s dictatorship. Be able to feel excited, trusted, and loved is an important element to one’s life.

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This positive attitude encourages and promotes a healthy state of being. Tracking or spying on anyone, children or not, is an unhealthy state of being for the one doing the tracking. It is obvious that the tracker in this hypothetical situation has large trust issues.

The doubt and fear that the tracker must feel to even be inclined to start spying sounds to be a prison in itself, and imposing this prison of paranoia upon the tracked person is ultimately an offense to the person’s free will, and a reflection of the fear and pain that the tracker has within themselves.

Even when there is reason to believe that the child, or the person being tracked is involved with some negative behaviors, enforcing this behavior through paranoia is not an effective may of curbing the behavior. People do very little when motivated by fear. Fear ultimately leads to hate, and one can get another to do nothing if the person is filled with hate towards their master, guardian, etc. It is love that is the ultimate motivator, and this love cannot be fully realized if there is spying, tracking, or other related methods of nosing in on the other’s life affairs.

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A person, child or not, should have the right to make their own mistakes, and be unhindered by anyone’s paranoid observations. It is in making mistakes that humans, animals, and life forms learn and adjust their behaviors. If fire burns when it is touched, and this feeling is painful, the one or being that touched the fire will ideally ultimately learn not to touch the fire. One cannot experience this mistake of touching the fire if there is another there restricting the manifestation of this experience.

True, uninhibited experience gives way to true knowledge, which can be applied to life. Dwelling in a state of paranoia is no way to raise a child, or to keep up any kind of relationship. Whether it is with children, or a mate, love is ultimately the motivator to encourage positive behavior and negate away from negative behavior. Love is the key to everything, and all spying does is fuel the seed of hate, which will destroy any kind of loving connection between two people.


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